Suva, Fiji – June 17, 2024 – The Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Association (PITAA), in collaboration with the Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC), is hosting a Regional Workshop on Navigating Complex Tax Technical Audit Issues. This event is scheduled to take place from June 17th to 21st, 2024, at the Holiday Inn, Suva.

The formal opening was on Monday 17th June at 9:00 am which was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics, Hon. Professor Biman Chand Prasad.

Designed specifically for senior-level tax auditors who manage large or complex technical cases, this workshop marks the beginning of an ongoing journey for those in tax audit in Pacific revenue administrations towards collaborative knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

Officiating the opening ceremony, Hon. Professor Biman Chand Prasad highlighted that while enforcement measures play a crucial role in addressing tax evasion, fostering voluntary compliance among taxpayers is equally essential for maintaining a healthy tax system.

“Investing in capacity-building programs for tax administrators and other relevant stakeholders is essential for strengthening our ability to engage with taxpayers and enforce tax laws. Through training, workshops, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, we empower tax officials with the skills and tools they need to provide quality service, resolve taxpayer inquiries, and facilitate voluntary compliance,” added Hon. Prasad.

Together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, participating in the official opening ceremony were the Head of Secretariat for PITAA, Mr. George Mow and the Director for PFTAC, Mr. Samir Jahjah.

The workshop is a pivotal opportunity for the participants to enhance their skills, share knowledge, and foster collaboration,” said Mr. George Mow, Head of Secretariat for PITAA.

This workshop not only enhances the audit capabilities but also strengthens the ability to adapt to the evolving tax landscape and affectively address emerging challenges.

Director for PFTAC, Mr. Samir Jahjah said that countries in the Pacific collect the most revenue through the assessment and payment of taxes.

“Voluntary compliance is at the heart of a good administration and relies on a balance of service and enforcement. Achieving a high level of compliance requires a delicate balance, a balance that is maintained through the provision of quality services to taxpayers, and when necessary, the enforcement of tax laws,” said Mr. Jahjah.

This initiative underscores the commitment of PITAA and PFTAC to improving tax administration and compliance across the Pacific region.


Compliance risk management, sharing of knowledge across countries to build capability and more sub-regional collaboration were priority themes identified in the PITAA baseline exercise conducted in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea in September 2023.

The primary objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Serve as a platform for tax administration representatives from PITAA and PFTAC member countries to come together, discuss challenges, share insights, and best practices and receive training on complex and technical tax issues;
  • Foster an environment of mutual learning, where contemporary approaches and solutions to complex tax matters can be explored collectively; and
  • Encourage collaboration among member countries in helping each other to address tax compliance issues.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Exchange ideas and strategies with Pacific peers supported by experts in Audit and tax investigations.
  • Skill Enhancement: Develop a deeper understanding of complex tax technical issues and audit/investigation processes and techniques.
  • Networking: Build lasting professional relationships with Pacific peers with common areas of interest.
  • Continuous Support: Engage in regular discussions and problem-solving and receive ongoing support through the monthly network.


The Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Association (PITAA) is a regional organization that aims to improve tax administration systems and practices in the Pacific Islands through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building.

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